VESC over current faults issues

Have some over current faults appearing thought it might be a lose connections in the battry after looking around on the forum but I wasn’t able to fined one. Any one got any advise on what els I could look for that might cause them?

I’m away from home so no Acces to windows pc for a while.

Not only in the battery. It can be a lose capacitor, bad solder join in any connection, bad plugged xt60/90 or bullet connector etc.

So you think I’m going down the right line of a bad connection somewere? Is there a vay to see witch VESC is giving the fault on a dule set up? Will give me a idea if I need to look at a 1 VESC and a motor or if both then it more likely be befor the split in the battry etc.

I‘m not sure if you can set the metr modul to recognize only the vesc data from the esc it’s connected to. Still don’t have a module. But I would try that if it’s possible. If fault don’t appear in the one I would set it up for the other and have a look there.