VESC overheat made a capacitor fall off! how do i fix it?

So I came out for a ride, it’s only 80f today but I usually ride this board at night.

It’s a carvon v2 single on 8s. Went up a hill and then stopped for a fallen :evergreen_tree:. Now the motor won’t spin. Hot to the touch.

Been sitting here for 20mins, cooled down but still won’t go!

How long does it usually take?

Here’s the tree. Because I’m bored…

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Also at least it happened at the river with a nice view. Uploading…

Still stuck?

At least if you can find a Pub near, It won’t a total waste of time…

actually I think there was one across the street, but too hipster for my taste lol

just took the trip back, swapped a motor, still no movement. weird it comes up in bldc tool fine, but no go!?

no faults, no visible damage, i’ll cut off the heatshrink and check closer, might need your services with this one :panda_face:

ok, cut off the heatshrink drv is fine, solder joints ok. looked on the back and mmm that empty spot looks weird? check other vesc oh there should be a cap there. check back at heatshrink, cap falls out!

now whats the value on this thing? can I solder without how air? pads are pretty big but still…

Wow, the cap got hot enough to melt solder?

My guess is cold solder joint. You can repair it without air, but with dexterous hands and a bit of flux

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yea it looks like the joint wasn’t very good to start. I give it shot with my soldering iron. not happening.

Luckily I know a spot with a few hot air stations, hopefully someone there that knows how to use them lol

Maybe a magnifying glass would help.

its the size, actually i’m lucky it this huge cap. with huge pads. its the angle! pins on the side and leds on the other. I have rosin core solder, but no flux.

been looking for an excuse to go back to this spot anyways. they also have cnc mill, huge xcarve, 10x 3d printers. including a huge stratisys and form2.

Where do they have all those machines?

Wow! That sounds like a DIYers dream! I have soldered many of those caps on VESC’s. You just need a steady hand and a pointy soldering iron tip. You probably want to get a new cap as the metal tabs on the sides may be damaged or gone. I may have some extras I can send you, if needed.

I tested it with my multi meter and it looks ok, as long as I didn’t damage it with my failed attempt. but thanks I’ll let you know if I need one.

whats the value on that for reference?