Vesc overheat not working

I went for a ride last night on my board and it cut out after a couple of hundred metres i pushed it home and opened it up and the vesc was hot. I left it overnight and went to plug it back in and get it going in the morning and the vesc does not start up when its pluged in but the the reciver still gets power. have I fried it? its an enertion vesc

can you post more info about you build? Voltage, motor Kv etc.

i have 6s and a 190 kv rspec motor

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The Vesc should not get that hot especially with that setup. You might have a short in the motor or motor wires. Disconnect the motor wires from the vesc and remove the rear wheel and belt. touch any 2 of the motor wires together and turn the motor by hand. Notice the drag on the motor. it should feel like the brakes are on partially. Now separate the motor wires and turn the motor by hand. It should turn freely. if it feels the same as it did with the 2 motors wires touching each other ( like brakes on) then you have a short in the motor.

ok i think i have a short in the motor then it breaks when i touch them and spin what do i do?

the vesc doesn’t light up at all though is that still ok?

the vesc doesn’t show up when i plug it in

Sorry, sounds like the vesc is fried. Did you say the motor feels like brakes on with the wires are not touching?

when they are touching ahhh so the motor is fine hah sorry miss read it so my vesc if fried dammm any idea why.

cant think of any reason for the vesc to overheat and burn up except a short. try this, mover the motor wires back and forth and sideways while turning the motor by hand to see if the brakes come on. You may have an intermittent short that may show itself while your moving the wires around. Depending on how your wires are setup, they could be moving a lot while your skating and turning. Also I’m assuming that your motor wire connectors where properly covered with shrink tube to insulate them. Also check every inch of the motor wires to see if some of the insulation got rubbed off.

yeah ok thanks ill try that