VESC overheating?

Hey Guys, so recently I’ve been running into an issue with my TB Vesc. It overheats in two specific areas. It isn’t a DRV issue because it still works, but eventually the vesc becomes so hot it stops working and that red light flashes constantly.

The red circles are the specific areas that become too hot to touch after about 1 minute of being powered on.

Any help would be appreciated.

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One of those circles is on the usb??

What battery ? FOC or BLDC ?

@JohnnyMeduse @scepterr should be able to help

sounds like a shorted fet and usb port to me, but don’t take my word on that. get a macro lense (or a microscope) and check each pin of both and see if anything is shorting them.

@krloz Yeah, oddly enough.

@louwii 10S4P

@GrecoMan I’ll try that later tonight, thanks man.

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run the board, wait till the error appears, connect to vesc tool, type in faults, post faults here.