VESC PCB for sale UK

Hi guys,

I have a batch of VESC PCBs for sale, price is £10 inc postage within the UK. I’m willing to ship internationally just let me know if your interested and I’ll get you a price.

Thanks for looking!


Where did you get them from?

Hi, Which version is it ? 4.10 ? Sorry, I just found the number on the PCB … 4.11.

Hi Jack,

I know it was a while ago you posted this but do you still have some VESC’s available?



@robin2901 Sorry dude I’ve only got 2 boards left which I am using.

I think VESCs are pretty scarce at the moment!


I still have a dual set left. Two PCBs with all the electronic parts for self soldering. So not that scarce. :laughing:

I would be willing to buy those! well depending on the price and your location (shipping)?

@hexakopter I did say scarce not obsolete! :wink: How much are you selling kits for?

I payed around 80€ for the PCBs plus electronic parts for one VESC V4.11. The calculation you can see here in the german thread or here on this thread (but not in that much detail). I am located in Germany. So price is 80€ for one VESC and 160€ for the dual pack excl. shipping. All single VESC sets are sold, so only have dual left. The electronic parts are sticked to the letters already like you see in the pictures of the links. So I don’t want to split it and waste hours for repacking. One VESC PCB costs 7€ excl. shipping, but don’t want to sell without the electronic parts and sit on them.

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