VESC/Phase Wire Placement Advice

I’m wondering if anyone has some advice on how I can best arrange my VESC inside my enclosure. I completed my first build this week but inside the first 30 minutes of riding one of my phase wires came disconnected:

It’s clear that placing my VESC perpendicular to the length of the board created stress each time I carved, and the stress eventually pulled the connection loose. I think I can reconfigure things like this:

However, once the enclosure is bolted down there are 4 or 5 inches of phase wire stuck outside of the enclosure. I’m worried about them rubbing against the motor as it spins. The phase wires are thick (especially when bundled in the PET shield), hard to situate, and I’m unsure what to do with them or where to place them. Any advice on a best practice in this situation?

Shorten the phase wires.

Mostly we just make custom extensions or shorten the existing wire. The thing to keep in mind is that running the wire at right angles and using zip ties and/or hoy glue to keep them in place works well. Just be sure to leave some slack for.movement.

If you don’t wanna shorten the wires you can loop the excess in the enclosure and secure the loops with zip ties.


I had a similar situation to you. Very similar. Conundrum.

I bought a 50pk of connectors off Amazon, some silicone wire 12ga, and soldered up extensions to loop back towards the baseplate, affix, and loop back towards the enclosure. Leaves me good slack, extensions are not too long meaning minimal losses in theory and practice, and I get to choose exactly how I want it all routed back to the enclosure.

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Heat shrink your connections