VESC: Possible to upgrade components?


I’ve got a Maytech VESC (Can I still use this name?) currently and I’m well aware that it’s been made with the default BOM. So I’ve been wondering if it’s possible for me to replace a few components with better ones as I believe that’s how other manufacturers achieve their better performing VESC’s? For example the ones that allow (or better said, are able to) use FOC.

Am I correct or is there more to it than that? Thanks in advance.

Well yeah there’s no reason you can’t swap out, or modify parts though it obviously depends.

So swapping these components with their better counterparts (hoping they have the same footprint of-course or find an alternative) should work just fine?

Well yeah, as long as there compatible. What parts are you planning on swapping out?

I’ve seen that multiple capacitors differ from different BOM lists, but other than that I haven’t done much research for it yet. I was hoping someone else had already done what I want to do.

I know @chaka or Ollin VESC’s have 2 capacitors stacked on top of each other for twice the capacitance, but other than that im not quite sure what else is different.

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Hmm, would that really just be it? And what about FOCboxes, it can’t be that it’s really just that now can it?

The focbox has some additional capacitance, upgraded diodes, directfets and the DRV is repositioned for less noise, but ultimately still a vesc4.12. Check the ESC 1.1 thread for a good breakdown of upgraded components. You can upgrade things further it’s just a matter of cost.