Vesc power problem

I can not get any power to my vesc, i have a space cell pro 3. Tell me if i did something wrong

Dont make fun of my solder job btw

At least you need to tell us what you did…

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Test the voltage of the leads from the space cell while on to make sure it’s outputting correctly. Also are those leads for the VESC? they’re awfully close to shorting, stick some electrical tape or heatshrink on them.

Yeap, if there are not shorted already, I would not plug this vesc on a battery like this…

You need to use electrical tape at least…

I heat shrinked it, still wont power on, do i have the reciver wires connected correctly

Did you test the voltage of the space cell leads? The picture doesn’t tell us much, can you take a pic of the whole VESC and how the leads go onto the it?

i really dont know what could be wrong like i think i did everything right, nevermind im retarded i connected + to -

Oh man, hope you didn’t blow out your VESC. The middle phase wire seems like it has some carbon from a short as well.

Ya, looks like your phase wires touched and blew your vesc…

The middle one looks shorted at @Jinra said…

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Your power wires are black on red on the XT plug ! This looks not right ! Also the phase wires are not isulated and maybe shorted !

Ya it looks like your xt60 is also on backwards mate…

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He mentioned it below the pic :stuck_out_tongue:

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I flipped around and still nothing

You blew the BMS. Everything else is probably fine.

are the reciver wires connected correctly

I dont think his BMS blew given there’s a 40A fuse on there. He most likely blew his VESC.

@dmsj97 can you check for signs of shorts on the VESC (black marks)? Check the caps too if you can.

No black marks or anything, no smell either

Does the space cell still turn on when not plugged in?

No, it is the bms, and possibly the fuse as well. The same thing happened when I was trying to help someone with their setup. I bet if he removed the heatshrink and bypass the bms the vesc will power on.