VESC Power questions

I am finishing up on my new case for the vesc. I hear that I shouldn’t make it entirely enclosed, so I was thinking about installing a 20mm computer fan to the side of the case. Now it will draw 5 vdc can I plug that into the receiver for the g2xb or where should I plug that into for power that wont fry anything. Also I am looking for a monitor for my batteries that will tell me single cell volts for a 12 cell. Also I have a drop through deck and has anyone ever installed something like that into the drop through hole right above the trucks?

It really depends on how large of a motor your are driving and gear ratio. you may not need any active or passive airflow.

Driving a fan can be done since the drv83xx has an integrated buck converter. Word of caution, drawing too much current can cause problems. The buck converter is really only meant for driving IC’s or other small circuits will very low power draw. In my opinion it is better to buy a buck converter off ebay and power accessories with that instead.

Giving airflow to vesc casing will cause alot dust. Maybe i living in asia country have this kind of problem. So i seal up my vesc casing.

I don’t think you need cooling unless you are pushing really high power. 30mph+.

@benwong is right, theres alot of dust out on the road, sealed case is better for most applications.

I was thinking of having a fan blow outwards. or maybe just a hole with a filter element.

I have a 12s4p battery with dual 195kv motors. so I have gotten up to 33mph and usually cruise at about 20mph.


That looks cool, where can I get something like that battery monitor?

Its called “Drok” voltage meter

I have dual Vesc’s from Chaka with heatsinks inside an air tight enclosure and have had no issues with overheating Running 10s with 190kv motors