VESC PPM settings

So I successfully set up my vesc from @chaka today, and am happy to report I didn’t screw anything up! (shrink wrap and pre soldered wires make such a difference, lol)

The one thing I just couldn’t get to work right was the end points of the PPM input

I’ve set it up, and it’s working, but I get max speed when I am only pulling the trigger 1/3 of the way.

What’s been done: -the PPM display graph has been used to tweak the end point values, and now neutral is perfectly in the middle. -Going “full reverse” on the remote lines up right at the end of the graph, while going “full forward” also lines up with the opposite end of the graph. -neutral range is set to .15 (stock)

but for some reason, once I reach about 1/3 of the way to the end of the PPM display graph, the motor maxes out and the last 2/3 of trigger pull do nothing. I’m sure there is some way to either change the throttle curve or something, I just don’t know how to do it and haven’t found a way to do it…

I did watch a couple videos on it, including the one in the vesc brake faq, but didn’t have any luck.

Haha it’s totally ridable, just deathly sensitive :laughing:

Have you tried it when your on the board ?

are you in current no reverse brake? with no load mine did the same

I also asked the same kind of question on ES, my start up acceleration felt a bit slow

I tried it on the board, but didn’t go anywhere near top speed- everything is just ghetto mounted right now for testing. Your point does make sense though; and yes, I am in current with no reverse.

I’ll keep that in mind, and try it again with my weight on the board once everything isn’t ghetto mounted, Thanks

I just tested it’s real life performance again (but faster this time…) and it seems to still accelerate up to top speed insanely quickly. Before half throttle, I’m already going my max speed… Haha, I was kinda hoping it would be as simple as a performance change once I stood on it, but it doesn’t look like that’s the answer!

PPM settings can be a little counter intuitive at first. If you are still having trouble dialling it in send me an email and we can do a skype session and get it sorted out.


I don’t recall changing any settings like that, is there a reason you are changing the settings?

I just plugged the gt-2b RX in and it was good to go.

Sounds like you need to increase your maximum pulsewidth, You will probably need to decrease your minimum pulsewidth to keep dead stick at 50%

A simple way to find your min and max values is by monitoring the pulsewidth values in the lower right hand side of the screen while fully depressing the throttle and brake. Those values will give you a good starting point. You will still need to adjust them slightly to find the sweet spot.

check this out:

Thanks for the help everyone!

I’ll work on it tomorrow, and try to figure it out. Now that I think about it, widening the minimum and maximum endpoints should do the trick, but I’ll have to wait and see when I actually test it.

If I can’t seem to get it tomorrow, I might take you up on that offer @chaka

Thanks again!

didn’t get a chance to check it today unfortunately, but Thanksgiving break is in two days. I’ll be able to work on it then without school and tennis practice taking up my whole day…

woah I just realized you play tennis. you compete?

u ever got your ppm setting right? im having the same issue and on top of that as soon as i get to my destination if i turn my remote of with out turning the board off before the motor star spinning at full speed i almos had to ran behing my board hahahaha, good thing i had one foot on it still, any ideas???

What remote do you have? Sounds like you need to set your throttle mid on your receiver.

i have a mastercho mod (gt2b) do u mean on the transmitter?

The receiver. Try re-binding the remote doing the whole rebind process.

ill try it tonight when i get home, before switching to ppm last nigh i was riding the non ppm mode i guess idk whats called, and also the throttle was already max at 1/3, i thougth the binding procces is just to sync remote with speed controller dou think that by rebinding ill actually change anything??

Rebind also sets the throttle mid value on the receiver, at least on my remote.

u have a gt2b?

Winning remote. Pretty similar receivers though. They work with each other.