VESC problem. motor won't spin

I assembled my esk8 last week and I rode for an hour withouth problem. Yesterday my friend was testing and it stopped. When he come back a phase motor wire was loose. I connected again but not response from the motor. I have check all the conection, I’ve tried another motor and still no response. Also I’ve changed the battery for a power supply in order to check all the component so I tend to think that the problem is in the Vesc but not sure. My Vesc is a 4.12 turnigy. There are apparently no burnt or damage component. I can connect to PC and receive response. Light green/blue ON. No faults on terminal. Firmware updated again. Everything seem OK but when I try to config the motor no spin nor other sound. Any advice in how to confirm that is my VESC that is broken?

Setup: sk3 6374 168kv 2x6s 4,5 lipo turnigy 40c vesc 4.12 turnigy BMS (Chinese bypassing) -> Removed to test

Screenshots of the results Firmware 1 Motor config FOC mode results 2 5 6 7 Realtime data 3 spinning the motor by hand 4

With everything plugged up and on, check to see if your fet on the vesc is getting hot. If so, its popped inside.

No, it’s cold.

Do you have a voltmeter? If so, check voltage throughout the system. You may have a loose connection on the vesc or leads in motor came off… Not being able to see it does leave us in the dark though.

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go on vesc terminal and type fault to check for errors

Yes, I tested in all points and everything seem correct except inside the VESC because it has the transparent insulate. I will broke to test it but the VESC indicates a correct voltage. I’ve added some screenshots in the first post.

No faults

thats good…no DRV fault. did you try to do motor detection again?..just for the sake of it

edit: just saw that you tried that

@DaniRC Try to reset the values to default and then give it a try. Also check by re-flashing the fimeware on FOCBOX again

I did and it didn’t work but I will try again with crossed fingers :relieved:

It think that is a DRV problem. I’ve broken the insulate because it had an sticker and I wan’t able to see the last corner. Although I don’t have any DRV fault, it seem that it is burned. IMG_20181106_135915 IMG_20181106_135906

any place to repair in Europe?

@Martinsp :smile:

@DaniRC These ESCs are not good. Have you tried FOCBOX?

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No yet but I’m going to buy a new Vesc. Don’t have focbox the drv issue? It cost more than double with shipping to Spain… Three times if I include the additional warranty :cold_face:

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@DaniRC Let me help you get a FOCBOX

Yes, try it

@DaniRC We have reseller available, have you checked them?