Vesc problem need help

Hi guys , I’m having a Maytech VESC , I had connect it to pc several times but now I can’t I tried different laptops a desktop pc still nothing , I’ve installed every possible driver for the ports for the chips for everything so it’s NOT a computer issue , the vesc should have a problem , Amy ideas , the throttle works ok (which means the firmware and the settings are getting loaded ,it’s been tuned to work with pulse). My question is it’s probably a broken chip or sth , can I change it or any cheap and fast way to repair it ? Thaaaaaaaaaaaaanks a lot

When I plug the battery the red led flashes 3 times so I know that it loads the firmware afterwards I have that blue light on which I think is normal !

Have you tried different usb cables?

3 different cables

So what happens when you press connect in bldc tool? Any error text showing ?

It cannot recognized from PC as a serial port (it finds com1 but it doesn’t change no matter where I have the vesc or even if is not connected , I’ve tried to find where the com 1 is but no luck with that , in both 3 pc’s it finds it as unknown device no matter if I install the drivers

Did you connect the vesc first and after that opened BLDC Tool? Because if not, BLDC Tool doesn’t recognize the proper COM port. In my case (laptop) it works on one of 3 usb ports only. BUT the first time it took about 2 minutes after plugging the vesc until the laptop started to install some drivers. I thought there is a problem but the problem was me :joy:, be patient and wait after connecting the first time, hope that helps

There is no driver issues I have test it in 3pc’s I’ve installed every driver ! I think the problem is in the vesc and I don’t know what to do I have take out the outer tube and I don’t have guarantee :cry::cry:

Guarantee? maytech? :joy::joy::joy:

So it was once opened with BLDC Tool and you were using the vesc already?

i was using the VESC for 2 weeks , i did something stupid once i connected the capacitors reverse and the were killed (i changed them ofc) but i tested the vesc after that and it was working . after one day the laptop i was using died , the vesc still works but i cant connect it with any pc for some reason . Will in aliexpress says garantee void if tube is removed :stuck_out_tongue: .

Hmmm… I don’t think it’s the vesc but I’m no expert. I’ve read about connecting problems with newer operation sytems, I use old Windows 7 Laptop. Or you could try it with linux (don’t ask me for details, I have no idea :joy: ). But when you’re shure it’s not the computer, it could help when you upload close up pictures of both sides of the V4.12, so experts can take a look in case there’s something wrong on your pcb. One of my maytechs had a cold solder joint.

How long the guarantee should be? When I claimed mine at maytech I never got answer and when I claimed both faulty flier V4.12 in england I got the answer: there’s no guarantee on vescs :joy:

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Maybe try to connect the vesc on an other PC with the usb cable that worked before. Could be a driver issue somehow on your machine. If the other PC is also not able to connect, focus on vesc repair or getting a new one

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Buying a new one will cost time and money , im trying to find a cheap and fast solution like change some chip or something like that :wink:

Thats not the best thing to hear :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: after that what did you do ?

Crying for some days and ordered quality ones. I fixed the cold solder joint, both maytech’s are working in sensorless BLDC mode but not in FOC what I need. If you need a quick solution I would sell one of mine for 75€ (with bootloader and bug free FW 2.18). Used them for a couple of days only. Or my Flier V4.12 for 60€ (broken hall sensor ports and temp sensors, but never had problems because they have massive heat sinks), you can PM me if you are interested. But I hope that you can fix your vesc…

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Thanks a lot man I will take it out of the box and see if there is any problem with the soldered parts in vesc , one friend told me to buy a programmer btw (if you have any tips) and I’ll contact you if I need :grin:Thanks a lot

Take pictures and post it here as I did because in my case I didn’t see the cold solder joint, that needs experts to watch.

But if it’s the vesc a programmer won’t connect, too I think.

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well i study electrical engineering , i think i can find but it the current case its not that easy :stuck_out_tongue:

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you won’t get anything from maytech for sure. nor aliexpress. u can dispute them to f%%k them up. saying like fmw error and no connection. drag dispute as long as u can. this will hurt their reputaion. I’m upset they still sell these garbage dispite acknowledged issues

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Here some photos from the vesc right now ! the arm chip gets really hot in seconds