Vesc problem red flashing light

Not sure what you mean here, he has tb motors with sensors, he just needs to plug them in the sensor port of the vesc and run a motor detection so the vesc can know the position of the sensors

When you run motors sensored, you have to match the phase wires between the Esc and motor. Unless the Vesc is different than all other Esc’s concerning this.

Yes the vesc is able to detect the position of the hall sensors, you can put them in any order

Well, that sure is good news. Does that work in bldc mode or just foc?

In both modes you can detect the hall sensor position, but you need to it in it’s respective tab

I have the same problem, starts out around 100-107, also the pins for the rc receiver was completely loose. I waited several months too, super frustrating… since I can’t test it with my receiver, I can’t see what the temperature effect would be after running for a while either…

I have the exact same issues (110+ C FET temps) and fault showing up on my VESC that I just received from this week. I thought it was an issue with my settings and have been double- and triple-checking everything.

To me, this just confirms that they have a bad batch.

Send it back. Not worth the money.

Having the same exact issue with my new VESC from DIY. Reading mosfet temp of 100+°C on startup.

@basselope @LordSnow @hannesr @mnelson3690

Is anybody able to read the resistor code of R2, should be a 3 digit code

I have a feeling you all have a common problem

01C? Not sure if O/0 or I/1 since it’s so small, but that’s what I can see

Thanks, yes that is the right code (01C = 10k ohm resistor). So thats not the problem

Could you check if R1 space is populate.

It’s there. If there any markings on it, I can’t see them because I still have the shrink wrap on

no there no marking on it, better contact @torqueboards look like it might be a manufacturing error :cry:

Yeah @torqueboards what should we do? The best I got from you was to send it back (didn’t get any response on what to do with shipping, shipping here alone was $40)… I’m also not eager to wait another two months ore more like I did with this one. Now you went into non responsive mode. I would’ve been a loyal customer if you only treated with respect, and not cheated me with my money… Oh and it was also delayed a month from estimated delivery…

Hey guys… Sorry didn’t see this info until I got tagged.

There actually seems to be an issue with a bad R1 component. We’ve tested it and R1 fixed the issue. So it’s just a bad temp sensor component. You would have to replace it.

We’ll be happy to replace it for you. It would require you to ship back your current VESC. We can give you credit for the shipping costs and send you a new VESC as a replacement.

I’ll send a direct PM to each of you who mentioned as we should have a new batch with the R1 issue fixed.

@mnelson3690 @hannesr @lordsnow @basselope

For anyone else who has an issue please contact me via email dexter@ and/or Live Chat. It’s not too often we check the forums.

@hannesr - Contact us on live chat and we can help you. If your looking for immediate help I’d refer to Live Chat. We can ship it out to you soon and/or put it aside. Unfortunately, you are overseas so this isn’t as easy. Typically, we recommend overseas customers to purchase a bigger order for free shipping.


I also have the exact same problems that were mentioned in a previous post (loose remote-pins and mosfet temp. readings starting from 110C). The pins were easy to solder back but I’ve got no idea of the mosfet temps. How dangerous would it be for the VESC to just run the board without those sensors?

The riding season is starting soon so is there some intelligent solution to my problem? And by that I mean like shipping VESC back to you. The VESC hasn’t been ridden yet but the powering wires are shortened.

Greeting from Finland, by sending it back there could be some problems with customs but I guess it can be managed.

We’ll it’s better to switch them out. They’re actually in a convenient place on the VESC and isn’t as difficult as other things. You can ship them back and we’ll send you new ones. Up to you. Let us know :slight_smile:


hi. i was reading your chat with @mnelson3690 and i have a similar problem where my motor hasn’t run at all. the red light flashed when i accelerate and the BDLC tool says “detection failed” when i need to detect the motors parameters. i have no idea what to do