Vesc problem red flashing light

Torqueboard vesc, from diyelectricskateboard

yeah that is it

To me it sounds you have a small manufacturing issue, the temperature sensor is R1, but that doesnt mean the issue is there

Im still getting this issue

As @Blasto said R1 is probably defect :anguished:

so i should get a new vesc?

Ya something is up with your temperature reading… your at 100degC, stuff would start to burn. Take this up w diyelectricskateboard

98% sure this is a manufacturing defect, no bad settings would cause this to happen

there isn’t any setting that can be changed to fix this?

okay thanks guys. This is just so frustrating as ive waited 4moths

Could offset the mosfet temperature start & end by 70 degrees… but that’s the bowboy way of doing it

what would the exact numbers be?

Well i dont recommend doing it, but mosfet start 150 end 170

I mean if it’s already broken why not

Because you’re covered from a manufacturing defect?

ohh okay. What is wrong with setting the temp higher?

Well you would be shutting off the temperature protection… and im not entirely sure that the reading is good or not

Maybe one of your mosfets is actually shorted out and is getting hot

Hard for me to tell, there’s a forum in the way

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Well i just rode it and it works totally fine now

Keep in mind thats a cowboy fix, could lead to permanent damage if there’s an actual temperature issue

and you’re welcome

thank you very much