VESC Problems, No firmware read response / Buffer eraser timed out

Hello Im a newbie trying to connect my vesc to the BLDC Tool.

When i push connect I get “No firmware read response”
When I try to upload new firmware I get “Buffer eraser timed out”

I have tried connecting the other VESC, I changed the USB cable to the one provided, I have changed USB ports, I get the sound that it recognizes the connection when i turn it on, but a window pops up say not recognized, One of the usb devises attached to this computer is not recognized.

I have VESC v4.12, hardware v2.18. BLDC Tool supports v2.17, v2.18.

Coms1 and Com3 show in box, Com1 works.

I checked out "BLDC Tool not recognising my VESC - “No Firmware Read Response” Esk8 Electronics thread but did not help.

Im at a loss, help would be much appreciated. Thanks

turns out I needed this driver, working now.