Vesc programming

I am attempting to program my vesc. i am trying to follow the instructional videos from esk8 support. when i plug everything in the order stated on thier videos and then open the BLDC tool, it says i should have Vesc-usbmodem under the serial connection tab on the right side. however, mine shows com1 and then com4 in the drop down menu. any suggestions? @chaka Thanks, Jak.

Try pressing the refresh button once everything is connected and switched on. The comm port that shows up should be the one you need. For me it’s comm 5. If you press connect and the little green notification on the bottom right says connected they Yayy you’re in

And just one thing, Jacob tells in his video to change the “Max input Voltage”, dont do that, he made a mistake there. Anything else is good, if you get it connected.

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thanks for the fast responses guys. it was com4 (connected). com1 (no firmware response) that scared me! just making sure i do it right the first time. cheers.

A few BLDC tips. I just started using it myself.

  1. If you are using it on a mac double click on the title bar it will resize itself to your screen
  2. When it comes time to write. Make sure you look at the lower right. It should say writing… or something. Sometimes it won’t and your vesc won’t change. If it doesn’t just reboot or disconnect and reconnect and try again.