VESC Programming!

Itz Skippy # 6321

Ok is it 830 where you live



What state do you live in

id rather not share publicly. you can pm me if you want

I couldn’t find your discord

Never minded I found it

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What time do you think you can do the VESC tomorrow

i’m not sure. i’ll message you on discord about a half hour before

Alright But I don’t think I will be available in the morning

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I’ve got an issue too with programming my vesc too, I can’t connect it to my computer, when I try, it says connected for 2/3 seconds and then it says no firmware read response and then not connected, any help is good, but if someone had the same problem, I’d like to know he got through


Can you please elaborate, what issue you are facing and what settings you are at?

Hello everyone! I am at the final stage of my board but ran into a problem. I built a 10s2p battery out of Samsung 30q batteries. (The same one Mike beard did but with 30q instead of 25r). I’m not sure how to calculate the max amp out and max regen for the board and was wondering if someone could help me out? Side note I have the torque boards 190kv motor and I’m pretty sure I put the numbers in right but if anyone has one or knows what they put or would put in there’s please let me know. (Please don’t rip on me I’m a noob :slight_smile: )MSW_10_Current%20limits_set

100 motor amps…or you can do whatever up to that, probabaly don’t need that much though 40 battery amps …you have only 2p and those cells are said to be good to 20amps each the negative motor I think you can also do whatever suits negative battery you can do up to …I think 16 …I think those cells are rated to 8amps charge rate each but not remembering. you could probably go over their stated peak charge rate as you wouldn’t be doing it long anyway

The motor is rated for max 80amps so wouldn’t putting it at 100 blow it?

temp decides amp limit alone. i dont know why they write such things. also the voltage you can put in is only limited by the insulation on the magnet wire which is surely in the hundreds. the temp limit is decided by the magnets and at what point they lose their strength permanently and it’s likely not stated what magnets you have so a mystery. electrical resistance goes up with heat so better to be stay cool anyway, be more efficient.