VESC Project - Bluetooth dongle error

Hi everyone,

I received my dongle from Trampa today. Hooked it up to my enertion focbox after switching the TX/RX wires accordingly and I get the following message when loading the app. vesctool

Thoughts? It connects and then a second later it disconnects

Have you tried Ackmaniac android app? Just so we know if the dongle and your phone can connect properly.

(enable bluetooth and location when connecting to your bluetooth dongle)

I got this dongle because the Ackmaniac app isn’t compatible with the new version of vesc software. It appears to connect without a problem.

I’m wondering if I need to update the software to the lastest version and then try again?

We need help from @trampa here :slight_smile:

Rx to Tx, Tx to Rx. Hope that will solve your matter.

I’ve already done that. Ive set the wires up as followed:

  • VCC - 3.3v
  • GND - GND
  • RX - TX
  • TX - RX

Did you activate UART? select PPm & UART in APP config (using USB connection to VESC-Tool)

Sorted it. My buadrate was too low. Just done a firmware update aswell and gone through all the settings. Honestly love the app!

Is there a way for me to change from Km to Miles?

Not yet, but Benjamin has that on his list.

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Sweet. I’m excited. Thanks!