is online! Public VESC-Tool download

in what way foc is better in 4.12. im using 218 foc it is stable at the moment, but does this tool improve over the old?

And btw no mac ver yet i guess.

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We offer the original VESC-Project hardware release and there is a VESC-Tool Original version available for this piece of hardware. It’s pretty much the same like the other releases but using a different branding and status badge. For the beta phase we excluded the HW 4.xx FW in this version for example. We know our hardware and this enables Benjamin to e.g. set different limits for the configuration that would maybe kill other hardware. We will see more different hardware in future and some HW might have different limits. In consequence you need a VESC-Tool more specific for this piece of HW. Houses for courses…


Just upload the 4.12 again.


You should update! 2.xx is outdated. The new FW is a lot better. It’s not recommended to use the old FW and BLDC-Tool any more.


No MAC, sorry. You can run a virtual machine though. Virtualbox should work.


Thank you Frank!

I just got it compiled on macOS. Haven’t connected to my VESC yet but it looks promising!


I had accidentally uploaded focbox as HW as 48 and now I don’t see option to change to 412. Do you mean bootloader tab?

Can I download it without making an account?

No, you need an account.


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Once you uploaded the FW, VESC-Tool will recognize your HW and you will only get suitable FW as an option. For non-default FW there is checkbox below the FW window.

Changing the FW if this has happened:

Download FW for HW 4.12: Use the custom file tab in VESC Tool to upload the firmware.


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Won’t connect to BLDC tool anymore. Only connects to VESC tool

I use FOCBOX, so is it hw 48 or 412?

It has always been an ordinary 4.12 with Direct FETs. This is exactly the reason why its better to tell your customers what HW version they deal with.

Don’t FOC your Box by choosing the wrong FW!



Thanks again!

@Frank,Great work!

day day has finally come…

@trampa Could you explain at all why this firmware is much better on the 4.12 vesc’s than the 2.18 FW? Just curious…

Have to be honest. Vesc tool hype is disappointing. As I can tell it does the same as BLDC tool. Just in a “prettier” interface. Has setup wizards but the one I think is useful is ppm input wizard which ackmaniacs extended firmware already has. The motor detection is more “complicated” as it failed first try, had to adjust voltage and erpm. The motor readings are different from BLDC tool so not sure what that means (I used 10amps and 800erpm?). The control modes are the same. For those hoping for DUTY cycle with neutral it didn’t happen which is the reason I was looking forward to the tool. For reverse you cannot set it up so you have to double tap the brakes to engage reverse like hobbywing escs or one step further like @Ackmaniac firmware where you have to decrease erpm to a certain number to safely start reversing (Extended Vesc-tool?) I have not tried the foc tab.

If you’re use to BLDC tool, vesc tool seems more complicated because everything has it’s own tab. I mention all this because if you switch to VESC tool you cannot go back to BLDC tool without bootloader


I can’t even get through an FOC detection with this. Keeps saying “R is 0 Please measure it first.” Hmmm… :frowning: