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VESC rated for 50A and motor rated for 60A? Will that work and what battery should I spec for this set-up?

Most of the VESC’s that I have found online in the $50 to $75 price range seem to be rated for only 50A. Specifically, the VESC that I was looking into: The Flipsky Mini FSESC4.20 which is rated at 50A.

The motor that I had picked out for my esk8 design was a 190 KV motor from Maytech and it has a rating for 60 A.

Will these work together? If not, what VESC do you guys recommend with this motor or a similarly spec’d one from maytech?

Finally, how do I spec the battery with this? I followed this guide and I want to make sure that I have it right. My goal is a dual motor set-up with each motor being the ones that I liked above, each is rated to have a max draw of 65A. That means I need the battery to be able to supply 130A (65A * 2) and I need a battery that can supply at least 130A. Based on all of this, I believe that I can use 6S LiPo batteries correct? Is there any benefit in using 10S batteries or 12S batteries for my build? I do realize that mroe voltage means less current, so therefore less heat, would that be a good reason to spring for a higher voltage battery?

Can anyone point me to a place where I can find some 10S or 12S battery packs, I don’t really see many options online that are reasonable?

50A will do 60A fine, you are not gonna be doing full 60A all the time. For battery you just need half of the 60A so 30amps should be plenty. Motor amps are usually much higher, like double the battery amps.

However if you are going to be riding steep hills all day like where I live, you have to figure out how to add heatsink with holes to outside air otherwise vesc will heat up and you won’t make it uphills. Flat ground you are fine with no heatsink.

They should work fine together.

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