VESC - receives signal, does not distribute power

Hello All, I started to build the board a while ago, helped by some eagle-eyed short spotters on this forum. It worked, I used it for a few rides, the fuse between my Enertion Space Cell and the two VESCs blew, and I left town for a while. I’m back and troubleshooting. One VESC works, the other (the one with the input power wire short) does not. The broken one boots, lights up, and can be read and written by the BLDC tool. The green light illuminates with the remote trigger. In the BLDC Tool, in Realtime Data, I can manually spin the wheel and see the amp change. When measuring R and L parameters in the FOC section, the motor doesn’t make that sound, or seem to get any power. There are no “faults” in the Terminal? It doesn’t seem to be a motor problem - I swapped the VESCs and motors to check. Any ideas? I’m not sure what to check next! Thanks in advance!