VESC red blinking - motor leads touched motor

I was close to finishing everything up and did a little test-drive to see if everything is ok. Apparently i haven`t fixed the cables good enough to the board and one of the motor cables touched it. While driving the motor grinded the bullet connector until it unplugged it. Now if i want press the remote trigger, the VESC blinks red. So i connected it to the pc and typed “fault” in the terminal, with no result.(FAULT_CODE_NONE) My hypothesis that i shorted the motor, and bricked it while doing so. Do you have any suggestions how check if this is right or wrong ?

Your vesc is most likely dead

Any idea how to find out for sure ?

Update: In “General” Tab
i used the “Select which VESCs have inverted motor direction” -function and the motor does make some noises, but dont turn. I suppose its really the motor.