VESC red blinking no motor detection errorDRV8302

I just received my vesc from Enertion a few days ago, and willing to use it i wired everything up but when i connected it to bldc tool, it would recognize my vesc, but it did not detect my motor at all. I am just not able to make it spin, and when i looked into the sampling area it tells me i have a fault code DRV8302 what i don’t understand since i did nothing on the vesc to get that error. Is there any possible way to fix it , i have seen some thread saying that this error means my vesc is dead. Thank you for your help ! i am using 8s battery and an enertion motor, firmware version of my vesc 2.18

Post pictures of your setup and settings of the bldc tool

of course sorry not to have done it before, here it is, i’m using a 4s battery Thank

you for your answer

Cover those motor lead… , if they touch each other you will burn the drv…

Also, cutoff start should be higher (13) than cutoff end (12)

I covered the motor connectors and i also changed the values of the the cutoff as you said, i’m sorry but i really am new to the vesc and i should have taken more attention to what i did.

i think the connectors of the motor touched and i fried the chip is their any way to repair it ?

Need to replace the drv chip

Thank you for answering that quick but giving the size of the chip i think i will not be able to replace it.

Sorry for the late respond, but if you live In north America, I have a small VESC repair program.

thank you for your help but unfortunately I live in France. However, do you think that if I found the right chip it would be possible to change it using soldering iron ?

No you need a hot air station… Have you try to contact Enertion Support, also I think there someone in europe who does repair, just don’t remember who :sweat_smile:.

You can ask xlv on Vedders Forum, he is from Germany, and his service is good and fast:

His Website:

Sorry for answering that late and thank you very much for your answers, i think i’ll have it repair !