Vesc red led, does not react to remote control

Hey everyone,

i recently installed a vesc and had to flash the firmware on it. Now after configuring it within bldc, i recognized that the vesc shows a red led instead of the green one. What does this mean? The motor will spin when doing a motordetection in bldc but the board does not react to the remote control.

You need to configure the remote in the bldc tool.

You need to configure the motor parameters first (motor detection)

I did both.

The problem is not solved?

What is your fault code?

Connect your vesc to the BLDC Tool, go to Realtime Data, then click activate sampling. The last line on the left will tell you your fault code. if it’s DRV**** where * is a wildcard, then your screwed. Other wise, it will point you towards what setting need to be changed. Flashing the wrong firmware will fry the DRV, so I hope you used the right firmware and selected the default.bin file when you flashed it.

It says fault code none

Make sure your receiver is in the right channel. In the ppm tab, tick the ppm display. You should see the ppm signal

But does this even matter? The vesc show the red led with or without the receiver connected.

Edit: I forgot to say that the pulsewidth is nearly constant at 55%

Can you show a pic with the led on? I want to see the led position, the colors could have been swaped (doesnt affect performance)

I made a picture when the vesc turned off. With the blue led on you would not see anything beside it on the image.

Led 1 is always red, led 3 is always blue and led 2 blinks 3 times red on start up.

Ok, led 1 should be a green led, but it’s red, no big deal, just color.

So 2 middle led would be red if there was a problem with the vesc?

Yes, led 2 will constantly blink 3 times if there was a fault code.

Okay. Then the problem should be somewhere with the bluetoothconnection…

make sure your receiver is in the right channel.

I don’t know what remote you have, but you seem to have another channel on the header

That’s true. I’m using the channel the remote was connected to when i opened the board for the first time. Changing the channel does not change anything. The pulsewith displayed in bldc still stays nearly constant at 55%. But shortly after i changed the channel the board somehow accelerated for a short time and then stopped again without touching the remote. I am not quite sure if the bluetooth receiver maybe broken.

what remote do you have? maybe your remote is not binded to your receiver

I got the standard remote that came with the magneto board. It is one of those chinese cloneboards. It should be binded because a led indicates the battery status. That’s why i suppose that the transmitter should be okay.

I think it’s a steez remote… you can try this

This does affect the remote. When i change the channel the remotes led does not indicate the battery status of the board. So the remote must have been on the right channel.