Vesc red light long flash after capacitor spark

I was doing a bench test of a build, and one of the vesc hw4.2 VESCs sparked really loudly. I saw a ton of smoke and some blue flame coming from the capacitor area. This was confirmed by burn marks. After, the motor would not move. The blue light stayed on, the green light flashed really quickly, and the red light switched on and off every 10ish seconds.

Looking at it, I think the solder of the wire touched the bottom of a capacitor and shorted.

Does anyone know if thats a fixable problem?




Mcu is fine. You’ve probably blown something else along with the capacitor. Your drv is also most likely fried. I would let someone have a look at it.

Well, I have 3 other dead VESCs to pull parts from. I can probably repair the capacitors, but I’ll have to see if it throws fault codes tomorrow