VESC it possible?

Has anybody come up with anything that’ll allow you to have a 2nd vesc hooked up as backup and switch over if the primary fails. This is common on drones, haven’t found any mention about it for vesc.

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Not totally redundancy. But i’m using one receiver pr. Focbox. This gives me some sort of safety i think.

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I mean using 2 vescs on 1 motor, 1 vesc active, 1 backup

No, sorry bro I have not heard of anything like that… I have a scorpion back up guard for my rx circuit… again its a heli thing. I have my switching regulator set at 6.5v and at just over 5v (5.15v) the back up battery (2s 500mah lipo) kicks in and keeps power up to the rx… Apparently fluctuations on this circuit are in part caused by inductance supply variations, or brown outs as they are called. More back up for your TX/RX though than your speed controller… I’m guessing you would need some kind of switch that can handle the load of your system and this in it self with a eSk8 could be another weakness?

The phase wires and battery would need to be on relays. I want to be able to blow a vesc and automatically switch to another

I get that bro, what is you system max, cont/peak v/amp loads?

8S 30A cont

33.6v/30A well that isn’t a lot, I have never had good luck with relays being reliable at any significant amp… I think you will need lots of headroom and my brief search gave me quite large components? I think it might be cheaper just to buy a VESC6 than a 4.xx with the switching system, add in the second vesc 4.xx and it will be a more expensive route? VESC6 is looking pretty un-breakable at this point :punch:

I agree but for me a half dozen vesc4 cost as much as 1 vesc6. Waiting to see price on vesc6 bom and PCB

what HW variation are you using? might be easier to upgrade mosfets…

4.12 with irf7530 atm Waiting on directfet PCBs

at 8s/30A are you cooking vesc’s?

I can if I try

sorry a bit diverted, but… do you know what sort of peak amp numbers you are hitting?

(that is a bit disappointing)

40-45 I think. I abuse it in every way possible. Full break from full accel and accel again, start from incline. Just punish it. I keep tweaking it to make it take more abuse Running 8-10c less under load with this latest addition :grinning:

I’ll be doing some tests with 400watt peltier cooler

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sounds cool :sunglasses: I just have little fans on my aluminium esc case…

As far as I understand if in dual focbox setup and you want redundancy against a problem with the master focbox then if using CAN for focbox comms should te master go down it will take the slave vesc as well - dead board.

But you can use a recevier Y-splitter and configure each vesc seperately instead, but you lose at least one feature - traction control afaik.

Read again

Peltier can only move the heat a little ways for you and is very inefficient . You can spend 400w on a Peltier and only move 40w worth of heat. You need a large heat sink or something on the hot side of the peltier to dump into, or you will quickly hit your delta-temp. And then, why not put that heat sink directly on the vesc??

If you wanted to really get effective use of those 400w consider ripping a liquid cooled system out of a computer (gaming rig) or a vapor chamber heat pipe from an old tablet/hybrid computer

Or, a big ass piece of graftech or similar TIM material , in proper compression, and use your whole enclosure or board as a heat sink

At the end of the day you will have a hard time creating a dual-vesc switchover as detecting the fault may be the hangup. Any switch you put into the circuit on the phase wires will be costing you efficiency and creating heat as well :frowning: