Vesc repair component

Does anyone know what this little square electronic device that fried on my vsec is called?

Im not sure what happened and id like to repair it so i dont have to get a new one.

It’s a capacitor

It’s 10uf 1206 50v cap… but that’s not the point here, your vesc’s are missing the 15uf caps also… and bulk caps…

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The 3 square pieces at the upper half of the board? or the 2 cylindrical pieces attached with the red and black wires (These are the capacitors).

Edit: OOOOOOO now I see that orange arrow :slight_smile:

Capacitor are all shape and form… for more info you can look on vedder web site or use VESC Faq as search keyword

The big capacitors are the bulk caps? They have fallen out with vibration.

The one that got fried is that little sqaure one with the arrow. Is this a common failure?

See it better now

(Sorry for the crappy edit picture)

Your vendor never populated the 15uf caps. I woudn’t be surprised if you drv is roast also from over voltage.

Just curious, where did you buy these Vesc’s?

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Didn’t realize that there was a separate thread for this. My bad.

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Holy crap man… guess this reel didn’t make it to the pcik and place


I was about to say! Who was your vendor?

I got these with some brushless motors from Alibaba.

So i got slightly screwed ?

Is everything circled missing? One still works great

Yeah man. Everything he circled is missing and should be there. Your other VESC might work for now, but brake too hard or accelerate too fast and you might find yourself in some trouble.


Yes missing, don’t want to be pessismistic, it’s a question time before something blows. Your missing so many caps and we didnt even see the other side of the pcb

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Found another issue the positive leads insulation gets cut with the little studs poking through. Short circuit for sure.

Where did you get your vescs so you can warn others not to get it from.

He said he got them from Alibaba. This just proves that Vendors matter.

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Guys so how do I go about getting this resolved . Should I add in the missing components on the functional one?

Who can provide a quality vesc or repair job to get me up and running again?

@chaka, I believe