Vesc Resetting? Not sure

Okay. So this new problem just developed. I set up my vescs, everything working fine; no drv error; no problem. I close it up, and suddenly it doesn’t spin the motor. I connect back to Vesc tool and it spins up. I think the ppm fields are resetting somehow. Anyone ever experienced this?

Please let me know what info y’all need to diagnose


Are you sure you write settings each time when you set it up?

Yeah! I used the wizard. The other motor i set up is working fine with no problems :/.

try checking the cables, if there is any loose connection. try writing the settings twice

Okay I’ll try, the weird thing is. When I’m done programming and i unplug, it works fine. I even power cycle it and it’s fine. Then i closed the enclosure and it suddenly wasn’t fine. I’m using split ppm for the two motors and one of them responds fine while the other one suddenly doesn’t…

I just set up a Build today, when I used the wizard it didn’t store the values for the PPM. Call me quick if you want

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@Ebisane9 Follow the wizard and write the values manually

Thanks @CarlCollins @JLabs. Jared I’ll hit you up since we’re texting already. Will update thread for anyone who might run into this in the future!

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HEHE! Thanks to @Jlabs on the phone we were able to diagnose the problem. We were bit stumped till we started pushing shit into the vescs and realized the receiver pin had a cold solder due to vibrations no doubt. Bummer but not bummer, NO fried vesc = Happy esk8r. I’m swamped for work during the week but have friday off so will be a quick 15 second solder job and i should be up on the road. Ordered some heatshrink as well.