VESC restarting/freezing

Hi. I have a problem as described in the title. My friend and I connected vesc to a regulated power supply and set it to 30V. Vesc worked as it should without any problems. When we wanted to connect it to the battery (10s4p vtc5a), we encountered the following problem: You can spin the motor without any problem, but after a few seconds the vesc reboots or freezes completely. It always disconnects from the computer in these situations. We have already checked the driver supply voltage during acceleration and while the vesc freezes, but the voltage does not change completely. We were testing it without any load, the motor was mounted in the vise. The vesc model is flipsky 4.20, motor 6384.

Sounds likely to be a battery problem. Check the battery voltage while the VESC reboots.

As I mentioned, the voltage on the battery was measured and it did not change during freezes.

After it restarts can you type “faults” into the terminal and see what it says? Maybe retry doing motor detection when connected to the battery

Faults are kept until vesc is turned off. As vesc restarts, faults are no longer available. Rarely will vesc just freeze and I need to manually unplug it

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Does the VESC reboot if the motor is not spinning? Does it reboot if the motor is spinning with hand power only?

Did you hand test the BLDC motor?

It restarts only after applying throttle (within about 10-15 seconds).

On my ebike I was having a “watchdog timeout” error that I was able to see after it rebooted.