Vesc restarts immediately when I press throttle

I gave it three days of searching threads and never found what I was looking for. Several people seem to have had the problem where their vesc restarts under heavy acceleration, but mine is restarting when it receives even a tiny signal from the remote. It doesn’t even attempt to move the motor before I get red and blue blinking lights from it rebooting.

Additional info:

  • not a remote problem, second vesc works great with it
  • not a motor short, both motors working great
  • vesc is hardware 4.12
  • I couldn’t get a fault code on the bldc tool because it just immediately restarts
  • stays on no problem when I don’t give any throttle, no problem connecting to the computer and configuring
  • my settings on both vescs are identical (and one works perfect)
  • 10s4p battery. Everything working properly there.
  • this vesc used to work great
  • can’t see anything blown on the vesc

I’m frustrated but really don’t want to buy another vesc right now. Any words of wisdom would be appreciated here. Thanks to anyone who can help!

I can´t really help, but maybe one idea would be to flash the firmware to a other, older/newer version, and hope that with that the problem disappear.

That’s actually a great idea worth trying!

Check cap leads and ppm wires.