VESC runing sensored with racestar motors - HELP

Hello. eveyone. i have the racestar motors and vescs id like to run the motors in sensored mode. when try to do the decation one motor did it corectly and show the sensors table and and the other motor give hall sensors detection failed. any easy idea to solve that? i have maytec vescs regards

What kind of fail do you mean? Was it stuttering too much? Sensor error?

If it’s stuttering too much then up the duty cycle to .15 and try again.

the hall sensors detaction is failed .

Put up some screen shots of your settings.

Are you running FOC? Which firmware?

You could try raising the amps to 10 for detetection.

Take the “bad” motor and do detection on the vesc where you get the proper hall sensor table then you know if its the motor or the vesc. I had the same problem with 2 Maytech vescs and one had a cold solder joint on one pin of the hall sensor port on PCB.

Same thing happened to me. I put on acks firmware and ran it in fox and it detected the sensors first time.

i am runing in BLDC do not like to go to FOC since i do not have enough knowledge and do not have the time to learn. just wanna ride. now idea what “rab in fox” meaning is.