VESC screw layout

Hello guys!

Can anyone help me out with the VESC screw layout? I’m using the maytech version, but I don’t have the means to measure it right now. I need the pcb dimensions too if possible. Thanks for the help!

I think it’s just the standard vesc 4.12 hw. Look on GitHub or Ben’s website for the open source vesc pcb layout

buy a $10 caliper off amazon.

Do you honestly think that’s what I meant?

Thanks, I’ll check that out

what did you mean…?

I have personally perfectly measured the screw layout with my $11 amazon caliper

I meant that the reason is not for the lack of tools, but because I do not have access to my VESC at this time, but I need the dimension because I’m designing the electrics box.

I couldn’t find anything with actual screw layout or board sizes. All I can find are plain 3d rendering, and circuit drawings :confused:

Search for it, i upload a 3d model some time ago, but im lazy now

That was a bit rude. I honestly think he understood you didn’t have the tools to measure and was trying to help

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I meant no offense, I was a bit tired when I answered

Thanks, I found what I was looking for

No prob. Maybe I exaggerated my understanding of what you wrote. However I have been looking around and haven’t been able to find a diagram with the measurements. But if you are designing maybe you can look for a 3d model of a case for your vesc and measure in the 3d model

You like parrots, don’t you?


okay, so I still need help. The 3d files are all in wrl format, which I can’t open in inventor. Can anyone help me out? if anyone has the files in another format it’d be great