Vesc set up AlexTech parts


I just bought a used board build up upon the parts of an Alex Tech Mach 1 My main problem is that I don’t know what the the larts are that were used maybe someone can help so I can set up my board properly and seal my enclosure so not to have to touch the vesc anymore.

It has a 10s3p battery but I don’t know the specifications of the bms that is used so what settings for the battery should I use?

The vesc is a maytech which I could update to the latest firmware without a bootloader. Of course I want to be able to use as many features as I can. I did connect it to a hm 10 module and the ackmaniacs app is running great on it! What I did not find out is how to creat different profiles in the app so I can make a profile to reduce the power of the board if aomeone wants to try it… and how to see the range prediction of the board

Should I use foc mode? I want as much speed, range safety and realibility ass possible

The motor is a maytech I think a 6355 190kv but not sure about this maybe somebody can confirm and even tell me the best settings for the motor too…

I am using a nano x remote, there are some unused buttons on it, how do I get the fonctional?

Thank you for your help!!

Who’d you buy this board from?

Alextech the guy who scammed a lot of people @psychotiller

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But he said it’s used so probably someone else

Obviously, the reason I ask is because If Alex sold a board, that money should be going to someone he ripped off.

I wouldn’t use that battery at all. There have been several people on here who have documented AlexTech’s battery building failures. It’s bound to catch fire at any time. At the very least, thoroughly inspect the battery before you use it.


I bought this as a used board the deck has been swapped, anotjer enclosure etc it has been working fine for some time in his hands and has been doing good in mine too for so far. It was ridden a lot before.

I have been checking everything and it seemed ok but as said I don’t know the specifications of the bms amd the other parts so I can’t set up the vesc propperly

Who’s hands? Maybe he can help you. No?

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Unfortunately the seller doesn’t know the specifications either…

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From my experience and others, FOC doesn’t work with Maytech vesc, but you can try it with updated firmware. Keep us updated. Did you get your board yet? You can post pictures of the components and we can identify it for you.

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Are you not scared to use these?


Can you uncover the BMS so we can tell exactly what brand it is? I like how he didn’t even bother to cover up the battery pack with heat shrink. Maybe a broader picture would help?




I don’t think your least concerns should be about will it work more like will it blow up


why don’t u read through this to get some context on alextech

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At least he got his board. How much was it? You’re better off scrapping it.

maybe it still under warranty :smile::smile::smile:


Sorry to hijack, but the other Alextech thread is closed. I think Alextech may have graduated to selling on Amazon. I was looking for braided wire sleeves and found this:

Could it be the same Alex?


i bought that stuff already, delivered on time :rofl: