VESC Setting for dual build 6355

Forgot to ask wheels size. I assume they are 90mm?

I would change the settings a little by putting 20 amps for battery max per vesc assuming you have a 40 amp fuse in the battery pack. You will also only want to set battery min (regen) -6 per vesc. Assuming your cells can handle 4 amp charging like the Samsung 25r cells then -6 is ideal. I run 60 and -60 for motor max and motor min respectively. whatever you chose, you should upload some updated screenshots so we check that they’re all good

Wheel size is 90

Yeah i checked and it has a 40 amp fuse. Changing batt max to 20. Yeah the space cell has 25r

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Update: Changed batt max to 20 on both and change the Battery min (regen) to -6. What I encounter was brakes were much weaker, at almost max speed it will almost not brake. And if I held the brake too long it will like snap out of braking and I had to let of the trigger and brake again…

Would that be caused by turning the regen to -6?

bump. Anyone else thinks its the -6 regen?

Here’s what your settings should look like with your setup.

Motor max 60 (if the board is too powerful at slow speed reduce it, if it’s too weak you can go up till 80) Motor min -50 (if the brake is too powerful reduce it, if too weak you can go up till -80) Battery max 30 (if the board is too powerful reduce it. You can go up to 40 max with your battery type if you like) Battery min -10 (correct would be -8 but to have some space in times of crisis) You will be surprised how powerful it will be.

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Interesting. I thought I had to split the values between the motors…each one caps Max Amps: 80 Amps. The batt is a 10s3p which has a 40 fuse. Am I wrong?

I have the same setup. Other than I upgraded to a 10s4p Samsung 25r. I also use a 40amp fuse with my vedder switch and have had no issues at all. These are the settings I’ve been using and got from @Ackmaniac and they have been working like a dream.

I said 30 because its always good to got easy at first. If you want more you can bump your Batt max to 40 for each vesc and that would make 80 amps.

Let me try those settings to mentioned then. Brb! Will update soon

Sounds good dude. I think you’re going to be impressed. Its just about perfect in my opinion. I hit 30mph no problem and have a nice cruiser with those settings/setup. Let me know how they work for you.

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:open_mouth: holy shit

The acceleration is HUGEEEEEE my board does a fucking wheelie if I max trigger it from 0. @SeanHacker

Hahaha. Yeah it can do that. Make sure you have set your ppm settings (Min/Center/Max) also.

Is the board too powerful for you now? You can also use @Ackmaniac firmware and BLDC_Tool also if you like. Its really awesome and you can set your own throttle curves how you like it.

Yeah I need to set those up properly although I believe they are fine. Any tutorials u know about for that?

It is kinda at the beginning. But I can get used to it hahahaa

Yep. Tons of info on setting those up. This is this 1st thing I get after using the search here

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i was about to make a new thread to ask the same questions and i found this one… @SeanHacker holy shitballs batman i feel like i just put a turbo on my Honda civic its way way faster. Wow is all i can say. I feel like i have to learn how to ride an esk8 all over again but i absolutely love it! I feel like i can take just about any board out there and im 130kg i almost want to know what 80amps feels like lmao


Glad those settings are working good for ya dude.

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What were your final settings on this? I have a similar board and am curious. Thanks!