VESC Setting for dual build 6355

Hahaha. Yeah it can do that. Make sure you have set your ppm settings (Min/Center/Max) also.

Is the board too powerful for you now? You can also use @Ackmaniac firmware and BLDC_Tool also if you like. Its really awesome and you can set your own throttle curves how you like it.

Yeah I need to set those up properly although I believe they are fine. Any tutorials u know about for that?

It is kinda at the beginning. But I can get used to it hahahaa

Yep. Tons of info on setting those up. This is this 1st thing I get after using the search here

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i was about to make a new thread to ask the same questions and i found this one… @SeanHacker holy shitballs batman i feel like i just put a turbo on my Honda civic its way way faster. Wow is all i can say. I feel like i have to learn how to ride an esk8 all over again but i absolutely love it! I feel like i can take just about any board out there and im 130kg i almost want to know what 80amps feels like lmao


Glad those settings are working good for ya dude.

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What were your final settings on this? I have a similar board and am curious. Thanks!