VESC Settings After Basic Set up

So as I’m trying to dive deeper in understanding the different VESC settings (by VESC I’m going to include VESC based hardwire and software even tho thay have had to change there names because of copy right laws, I will just refer to them all as VESC) How the VESC (after the basic set up) relate to ESk8. After finding some conflicting results after searching the forums on different products. I’m come to the some conclusion. Hopefully some one can correct me if I’m going down the wrong path as I fined out more and start to understand.

Max ERPM = Max Voltage * Motor KV * (Magnet Poles / 2)

VESC Hardware Max ERPM VESC 4.xx 60K Focbox Classic 80k Focbox Unity 100k VESC 6.x 150k

Exceeding these limits can result in damaging VESC hardware or been unstable.