Vesc Settings for first build

Hello esk8 community, I am on the final push before completing my first board. I have soldered and connected everything and all that remains in setting up my vesc.

To give some context, my board is made up of a 190kv diy motor, the diy torque vesc and 5x 2s 60c batteries in series. I’m also using a best tech bms. I was reading around and watching videos and wanted to get your guy’s opinion on if this would be a viable settings for a non-foc vesc.

Thanks in advance.

Those look pretty good. You can feel free to increase the motor max break down to -80 if you feel you need more breaking power.

I assume you have a 60A capable BMS?

Ya this is the one I ordered

Is there anything else I should consider or change? Any settings?

Awesome, that means you probably have upgrade room for later. Just make sure you set your voltage cutoff and everything correctly, and perform motor detection.

Do you know where I can update my firmware?

It should be available on the firmware tab in the VESC tool. Be sure you select the correct hardware version corresponding to your VESC

Since im in exactly the same situation, i´ll jump on this topic instead of creating a new one! :slight_smile: I have currently connected my battery and the BMS and only the VESC-configuration is left. I have read for quite some time but I can´t seem to find a build with the same specs as mine, so im not totally sure on the settings yet.

Specs: 12s 8000mAh 240A Lipo (4x3s 8000mAh 30A) Bestech 12s 80A BMS SK3 6374 168KV

What motor max/min and battery max/min should I get? Would 44V be a good battery cutoff start and 42V (3,5V per cell) a good battery cutoff end?

Thanks! :slight_smile:


Motor min -70a (strength of the brakes) Motor max +70a (70a is what this motor can handle, I would set this to 40 first and test to see how it handles, then gradually increase the value, same goes for motor min) Batt min 16a (8a * 2 = 16a, recommended charge rate of your batteries, mostly 2c, this can be higher) Batt max 30a (not sure, this also depends on the discharge capability, can be a lot higher)

Can you post your battery specs?

There was someone who described the functions of these settings beautifully. Can’t remember who it was though. Maybe someone else knows?

The battery is made out of 4* 3s 8000mAh 30C Lipo batteries. This should give it a discharge rating of about 240A (30C * 8A = 240A).

Do you have a link with specs?

There you go :slight_smile: Link

What vesc are you using? 4.xx? 6?

Im using a FOCBOX, latest version.

They didn’t specify a max charge rate for your batteries, so: batt min 8a batt max 30/40maybe even 50a (test this and see when it delivers adequate power e.g. if 30a is too weak and 40a performs fine then set it to 40a) absolute max 240a

Nice, thanks a lot! What do you think about the voltage cutoff settings? Would 3,5V per cell (42V) be a good battery cutoff?

You draw current when you move, so at the time you’re riding the system is under load. So let’s say you set the cutoff at 3.5v. When you stop the voltage bounces back up to around 3.6v. You will never overdischarge you lipo’s this way. I’d say MAX 3.4v but people have gone as far as 3.3v. Best to play it safe and set it to 3.5v. Feel free to experiment. Don’t blow up your house though. :joy: Hope this helps.

Okay, nice to get some good information. :slight_smile: I´ll try these settings out and see how the board behaves.

Thanks for helping me out! :grinning:

One more thing:

Motor min - Braking at low speed Motor max - Power at low speed Batt min - Regenerative braking Batt max - Power at high speed

Settings simplified in a nutshell.


I got out and tested the board yesterday. Compared to my earlier 6s build, this thing is great! It flies up hills!

My current vesc settings are:

Motor max: 50A Motor min: -50A Battery max: 40A Battery min: -16A Absolute max: 130A

These work great, although I would like to have a bit more low speed torque. Could I increase motor max/min up to 70A and battery max to 50A? :grinning: What problems could I encounter?

You can increase motor max/min to whatever your motor can handle. Say your motor can handle 100 amps. In this case you can set motor max/min to 100a & - 100a. Same goes for batteries. I would do this in steps to see which setting is right. That vesc is known to be quite fragile (not so fragile as maytech) so be careful. Maytech vescs for example can only handle 30a batt max & 27a continuous. I don’t know what tb vescs can handle. You can have voltage spikes and overheating issues to name a few.