VESC Settings for my Scenario

Hey Guys Because of all the “horror” stories I’ve read here I wanted to ask what settings I best use for my Board. Here my setup as a crude drawing:

Battery B1 & B2 are Zippy Flightmax 5s 8000mah in Series = 1 10s Battery with 8000mah: Motor 1 is a 6374 190kv from Polar boards: Motor 2 is a 6374 200kv from!/eSk8-de-Motor-esk8-6374-200kV-3-3KW-mit-Sensoren/p/66640988/category=15255001

Each motor is connected to a VESC. The VESCs are connected in parallel.

I would now like to know which VESC needs which settings like motor max, max regen etc. Most important would be the settings that could destroy the VESCs or other electronics. I will be riding in BLDC mode for now as I’ve heard that FOC mode isn’t fully safe yet…

Can anyone let me know what I should set where and more importantly, why? I’d like to understand why the values are being set instead of just setting them and having no Idea why. Thank you!

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Hey @capfirepants I would strongly recommend reading all the VESC FAQ and watching videos on youtube of setup. There is so much information out there and I reckon 30 minutes of reading and watching a few videos would really help you. Good luck

Hey, Thanks for your reply. I’ve read quite a lot about the VESC already but my first VESC broke after riding just a little. Can you recomend links for me to read about the diffrent values? Thanks a lot.