Vesc setup online

I dont mind breaking cracking setting fire to batterys any thing but killing my vesc ,its easy to get mounts,batterys,lipo anyway,trucks, remotes,bms…but waiting on Vesc,focbox to ship is a killer

what i want to know are any of the top Vesc lads doing payed setups,log into pc and set up for u i know they cant see the board but they can hear it and see the setting you would tell them what batterys and motor you have … I would be happy to pay a good lad to log in and set up my Focbox… 10 years ago i was a computer tec guy doing logins and fixing and setting up stuff ,now u might say i should be good at Vesc setup but im not…I cant get my head around it why i dont know why…

This has been thought about before. It’s been talked about to do setups via Skype but nothing’s really come of it because it’s just a bit tricky.


They could use log me in ,Thats what i was using 10 years ago it would work…

Try vesc setup tutorials on you tube. At least you’re in the right place to learn about the vesc. im like you, didnt know anything about the vesc and was nervous to even connect it to my first build. oh, and the bldc tool was scary at first. i did about a week of reading here and watched lots of videos over and over but the best info i received was here, i just kept asking for help and so many people shared their knowledge with me. The main thing is be patient, ask for help and do the research here and read, slowly but surely you will learn how to setup the vesc and focbox. Good luck.

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I can set them up but feel like im not doing it right

here are a few videos that i saved to help me out, hope it helps you,


Im a bit stuck now im doing a fundraser im to do 30 miles on my e boards my metroboard will do 16-19 miles so i need my diy board up and running i have a new focbox on the way should be here by Tuesday im not setting up foc again ill need to get 12 to 13 miles out of it ill be testing for the next 2 weeks…I dont know any one here in Dublin with a e board that i could hijack…

what kind of batteries are you using? I dont use foc setting, just keep it simple.

heres my build

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Heres my builds. The only changes i did is that now im using 10s2p 18650 batteries on mine and my sons eboard, Lipos started to puff up so i bought 18650 pack, havent had any sag issues yet.

my builds- (

Batteries im using now-(

can you look over my setting my breaks are very weak

try motor min. (Regen) -50A. Thats what i have mine too. your settings are like mine except for this.

teamviewer was the program i was using to log into peoples computers i could talk to them as well i think it would work

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