Vesc shutting off after i turn it on

So this will hopefully not be another “how i burned my vesc” thread.

But i wired up my new setup and and everthing themed to work fine, i connected it and updated the firmware, used very moderate settings

Motor current Max 25A Max Brake -25A

Battery current max 25 A max regen 2,5A

V shutoff at around 20,4V

until the Vesc Tool wanted to detect my motor and after the first beep it shut off all of the sudden.

Now the Vesc shows the blue light for a second when i turn it on and then shuts off.

this is my wiring diagramm: (ofc there are 3 motor wires)

To give you some background this is my old setup where i added a Vesc with an anti spark switch. I also changed the old battery setup to a spot weldet one, same batteries tho, still 6s samsung 30q´s.

would really appreciate any help, thx.

Your vesc is wired to charge port negative? Not main battery negative?


It´s wired to BMS C- and also Charging port - .

This BMS is different in some ways i think, anyway this is how it worked in my last setup.

Negative on the vesc should be coming directly from battery if the bms is used for charging only


This was the wiring of my old Setup which worked, as i said the BMS is kinda different.

So you’re using it for discharge?

Both, yeah. 1OXXXXXa0XXXXq6xXFXXX5

Seems like something is cooked on the bms then if it shuts off when the vesc tries to pull amps

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I thought about that too and you may probably be right, what would the vesc show if it broke ?

Are you getting any errors or faults on the vesc?

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The only the it gives me is a short blue light, i´m not able to connect it via usb.

Oh it doesn’t stay on at all, I would inspect the vesc PCB, post some pics if you can

What BMS do you have?

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Is that a typo or did you set batt min to a positive value?


Absolute Maximum current Value was´nt there when in the Motor wizard, otherwise i would have set it down.

It’s not in the wizard because it should be 130A, that’s default, if you set it lower you’ll get faults… You could increase Batt regen up to -12A with your 6s3p. But this hints won’t help if you can’t connect to VESC-Tool :smirk:

So the Bms should´nt be the problem because the Vesc get´s the full 24,5 V