VESC sparked, what does that mean?

So i set everything up, did the config on my vsec with 3s lipo. Then when i connected my 12s supply the vsec sparked a little. why did this happen? And is my vsec gone??

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if you mean the connectors sparked when you touched the two halves together then it’s ok. High voltage systems do spark when they are plugged in. This is normal. It’s not very likely that it damaged your vesc. You can always buy an anti spark connector like the XT-90 to solve the problem.

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First what battery are you using? LiPo, Space Cells, etc. Then do you have an Anti-Spark on the setup? If not then make/buy one to get rid of sparks.

What light is on the VESC? Blue is good

A little spark if u dont have an anti spark connector is normal the vesc should be good but it is highly recommended to use an ati spark since the sparks over time will eat up the metal in your connectors

I have an anti spark plug in the circuit! Something sparked on the vsec. the lights were still on the vsec after the spark. but i immediatley turned it off. I have a li-po setup.

I have an anti spark plug in the circuit! Something sparked on the vsec. the lights were still on the vsec after the spark.

Changed the title so people understand the issue through the title. Also, it is VESC, not VSEC.

Thank You! Appreciate it

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I have an antispark plug. It sparked when I hit the throttle !

Even if you have the anti spark in your circuit, you need to be sure that the anti spark is the last thing you connect, otherwise you’ll get a spark :).

So once you throttled the VESC sparked.

Can you post your VESC settings. And also picture of the VESC on the side it sparked at.

I Had configured it with a 3s suply, everything was fine. Then when i connected the 12s the motor would only budge when the throttle was hit. After i hit the throttle for the 3rd time the vsec sparked.

Hey Thanks for your reply. I use it as a switch so yes it’s the last thing I connect.

Appreciate all the responses. I’ve been trying to build this for a year now. Like literally. Burned 2 esc’s and then finally got the vesc. And now I can’t get this to work either. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am a little scared to connect the vsec again.

Change your Battery cutoff start and end to a 12s system. So 42.0V for start and 39.6 for end for now. Also change your Max Input Voltage to 57V to be safe.

Edit: Updated values. Was looking at 10s values.

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Is it safe to connect the 12s? Or should I strpid it down again to 3s and then config the esc?

No first fix your settings. Use 3s.

can you take a screenshot of the advanced tab as well? specifically the current ramp step value on the right column, that should be around 0.04

also if you fry 2 esc before, could it be that your motor is shorting? which motor are you using?

AND THIS IS THE MOTOR I AM USING. diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/electric-skateboard-sensored-epower-motor-5065-170kv-2200w/