VESC sparking and motor not spinning up, Please Help!

So in relation to my previous post about this, trying to fix it today i had the VESC spark on me and what looks like burnt a hole in whatever piece sparked. The picture i attached circles the part that sparked. I am running a 12s4p battery system with a flipsky 4.12 VESC and a 6374 single motor setup. It worked perfectly on yesterdays ride then in returning home the motor would just make a high pitch sound and tremble like it was trying to spin up but couldnt. The VESC tool showed no signs of faults in the VESC but obviously if it is sparking there is something wrong with it. I appreciate whatever help i can get.unnamed unnamed%20(1)

I can fix that are you EU? Its your DRV8302 Chip that happens with older hardware.

I think in US are also some people @JohnnyMeduse :slight_smile: