VESC Standard vs Platinum , worth the extra money?

I just bought my first ever VESC , even though I paid for it weeks ago apparently they won’t start shipping until 1st week of September, back to the point in hand

Is there any huge differences between the standard and platinum or it not worth the extra money to go platinum .

I’ve noticed the standard only supports 10s but is it possible to apply 12s?

Please share views

12S --> 4.2V*12cells= 50.4V I would say yes, since the enertion vescs come with 63V caps ? Can someone confirm this theorie ?

As for the upgrade, its 100% a personal decision. If you’re familiar with electronics, pretty good with soldering then i wouldn’t do the upgrade. But do note that the vesc is still in beta phase, so there’ll be some kinks for sure… The platinum protects you against these kinks.

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Oh I see , I just thought that enertion said upto 10s just to play it safe

I think the heat is the main issue with running 12S on a vesc, but still rather have someone else confirm it for you.

Mine came with one 50v cap, while others received two.

Do you think that affects the input voltage ?

There were a string of problems with people running the vesc at 12s. IMO, I think its related to manufacturing decisions. I run 12s, chaka runs 12s, hummie runs 12s. There’s no reason it can’t do 12s, but it seems to increase the likelihood of problems, and with all the complaints onloop got, he’s probably saying 10s because it is safer than 12s. It also conveniently puts his customers in a place where they can buy his 10s battery (he doesn’t make any 12s batteries), but whether that’s coincidence or by design, would be guessing.

If I were you, I would buy the platinum. From my experience with enertion vescs, it’s not a question of if they will fail but when, and in mine and many others cases, it was within the first few days. Now your probably thinking, there’s still a warranty against manufacturing defects, right? Yes, but good luck getting onloop to agree that it was a manufacturing defect. If there’s any slightest doubt, you will be blamed for breaking it, as I was.


Oh that sucks, I guess people like me just assume it’s not a beta and expect quality and gurantee

I expect quality and a guarantee, but that’s not included in the standard (or IMO, enertion vescs in general). This is why I only buy my vescs for chaka. He has the best quality vescs by far, they rarely break, and if they do, He will fix them for free (or in worst case, at the cost of shipping and parts, which is way less than a new vesc) at any time. Enertion won’t do anything for your vesc if it breaks after the first year when you buy platinum.

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Go with ollin boards vesc and forget about any issues just focus on riding

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