VESC "Throttle" Help


I’m hoping the resident experts here can help me with a configuration question. This isn’t for an eSk8, but y’all are the ones with the most wisdom on this front.

I’m trying to create a simple control system for a diver propulsion vehicle. Bluetooth obviously doesn’t work under water, so this needs to be controlled by a hard wired configuration.

I want two buttons - one for a low/medium throttle setting and one for fast.

Can anyone give me an “Idiot’s Guide” to how I should wire a VESC (4.x) to make this happen?

I found this diagram, but I’m not sure I see a good way to extend it to two different settings…

If it makes a difference, I’m experimenting with both the FOCBOX legacy and a Flipsky Mini. Currently focused on the Flipsky, but I suspect they should work the same way, right?

Thanks! -Ben