Vesc to Battery Help

I want to use the Space Cell pro3 in my upcoming build which ends in a xt60 female connector to my knowledge. I also want to use this Vesc with my build which has a xt90 female connector on it. My question is how would I be able to connect these two devices as they’re both female? Any product that would make this easy? Thanks for the help in advance!

the XT90 has a male connector, but either way an XT60 wont fit into an XT90. You’ll have to solder on a XT60 to the VESC or an XT90 to the battery. I recommend the former.

Would a converter like this work if the xt90 is a male like you said? It seems to be a very simple change from xt90 to xt60.

Yea, though personally, I’d solder on a different head for less bulk in the board