VESC - Too long of battery lead wires

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This is something that I had stumbled upon and wanted to get a discussion going for my own purposes.

With the VESC I have heard a rumor that if your battery lead wires are more than 20cm you can run into some errors on the VESC. I am guessing that this is because the draw from the batteries takes too long to get to the VESC and the capacitors cant cope with that level of draw. Can Anybody confirm that I am looking into this correctly?

Also with that kind of limitation, how do you accomodate for a diagnol build? Wouldnt it be really tight to run the battery lead wires at the desired length? Or could you lengthin the motor phase wires? Putting length to those seems like another recipe for disaster though…

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From what i’ve read the 20cm restriction only applies when running FOC, since that seems to be more sensitive.

@Sharkface I think that using VESC in BLDC mode vs FOC mode makes a difference here. My understanding is that FOC mode carries this limitation, but BLDC mode does not.

So if I were to run FOC mode, how would I compensate for that limitation on a diagnol drive? short board? lolol

Instead of having a long battery cable, have long motor wires.

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Anybody have the science behind why this is the case?

Continuing the discussion from VESC noob: what's the (edit) capacitor for?:

All of this length of cable stuff confirms in my head that monolithic box designs are the way to go for a fully versatile “1 size fits most” box and deck combination.

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