VESC Tool - BLDC Tool rewrite

Vedders video about the upcoming Vesc tool. It’s not finished yet but I thought I would share.

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the new UI looks very good, I like it!

also I guess that with cleaner code and more modularity it will be easier to add values/entries to the tables in the UI for more parameters and more configurations!

“First alpha version might be ready in a few weeks” :smiley: VESC Tool and VESC v.6 is comming closer!

The logo in top left corner is ugly as hell. I hope the new version will allow you to read out all parameters with onne click and save them all to a file.


So… is there ‘‘peak review’’ version ready to be looked at?

If the new tool offers some more ‘‘privileges’’ over the existing one for vesc 4, then I would be more than willing to get vesc even sooner :slight_smile: