Vesc tool configuration

I need help I am looking for the information I need to program my electric mountainbord but there is data that I cannot find or I do not know how it is calculated could you help me? Thank you

Motors : Sk8 6374 149kV Motor Max current 80A Max brake current ??

Batteries x2 12000mah 12-24c 6S 44,4V Battery cutoff start ?? Battery cutoff end?? Max battery discharge current 12x12000mah=144A Max braking regen current ??

Focbox specifications 160A continuous system current 80A continuous Motor current Voltage 8V-60V

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Lipo will always have a cut off volt 3.3v. cut off start should be around 3.5v and end at 3.3v for safety reasons. Max voltage will always be 4.2v. That C rating is good enough, but best to get at least 60A max current and around 30A max regen current. You can go higher, but I’m not sure about lipos.

So if you’re doing 12s lipos, that would be:

Cut off start 42v

Cut off end: 39.6v

Max current (Battery): 60A (could be higher)

Max regen: 30A (could be higher but not recommended if you have a fully charged lipo)

Note: you have to do this for both sides if you’re using dual escs.