VESC tool not responding to remote & rough reverse start up [Solved]

Hello there!

I have 2 issues which might be probably related:

  1. I can use my remote to actuate the motor, however it seems that the VESC tool doesn’t respond to my remote when I want to use the Setup Input Wizzard. As you can see here on this image, it doesn’t see any input signal.

Also, when I want to apply (my nonexistent) measurements, it tells me “Please activate RT app data and measure Pulselengths first”, even tho it should be activated, as you can see in the image above.

I tried repairing my remote, resetting all vesc data to default settings and updating the firmware, but nothing helped so far.

  1. The 2nd problem is that the reverse direction first stutters when accelerating and then remains at a very slow speed even tho I am at full throttle. I reversed then the directions, and I get the same result but for the opposite direction, so there should nothing be wrong mechanically, and my intuition says that the wiring should also be fine then (please correct me if I am wrong ^^).

You can see below a video of the motor spinning forward (works fine!) and backwards. I also included some logs of the current and the ERPM, as well as the result from the motor setup wizzard. I have tried both FOC and BLDC, but no dice.

My guess is that the remote (which it seems I am currently unable to connect with the vesc tool) is not calibrated yet, therefore the reverse direction is messed up.


Finally, my setup is the following:

  • remote & receiver: flipsky vx1 2.4Ghz
  • vesc: mini FSECS 4.20
  • vesc tool version: 2.06
  • Motor: BRH6355 - 220KV
  • Battery: 10s4p, Samsung VTC5 2600mAh
  • Gear Ration: 15/36

is that case metal? I cant actually see the receiver in that photo, how have you got it connect?

What “app” did you select in the VESC tool?

The case is not out of metal, I 3D printed it with PETG. The receiver is in the middle, but I agree it is difficult to see^^ I connected it exactly as in the picture below to the vesc.


Regarding the PPM, I had it in PPM & UART, however if I it swap to just PPM, the motors won’t move at all and the vesc tool still cant see my remote input signals. If I have it just on UART, I can still control the motor (however with the same weird reverse response as in the video above).

I have found the issue :smiley: I did mess up the wiring for PPM I need the following connection:

And as expected, the 2nd issue with the motor has now also been solved. So, everything seems to work now, can’t wait to mount everything and test it ^^

Great! Glad we could help