VESC Tool Update + VESC v6 Peak

Vedder just uploaded a video with the new tool in action and showing it off working with Vesc v6. enjoy :slight_smile:



can’t wait

Thanks for the update @rpn314. So excited about this! Go Vedder!

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Wont be long. Cant wait to build some beastly single drives!

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Maybe I missed it, but why will single drives be more beastly on VESC 6 than 4?

V6 will handle much higher constant current, similar to what we get from an ezrun pro esc. V6 has direct fets which will allow us to pull heat away from the VESC much more efficiently and use more power on one esc rather than splitting our output into two separate circuits and drives.


I can’t remember, but will it allow also us to push the ERPM limit a little higher? I know many that have set it around 60,000 for added protection.

Yes, Vedder has stated that we will be able to use very high kv and use the vesc for many other applications. Exciting times!


If I was going to buy a vesc for my build would you suggest waiting for v6? , your expert opinion how much more $$, ruffly, will it be then the v4

It depends on what you are trying to accomplish. V4.xx works great in a dual drive configuration but you may want to wait for v6 if you want a powerful single drive. V6 is definitely going to be more expensive due to the added manufacturing time and machining cost for the enclosure but it is also relatively untested. I cant say for certain how reliable it is until we build a few and abuse them.


any guesses… +4KW or more for V6 ??

Hello all I am making my board for a long time now,I need help with setting up my vesc can anyone help me,can someone help me on a video call on WhatsApp to program my vesc’s?

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610 416 2650

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@Hummie what time is the best time to call I am in Germany

its 6am and i have work until 2pm and then can help. but im not the best.